Galapagos Photos

April 2007

Mom & Dad in Quito:

Uncle Don & Aunt Lin in Quito:

Mom & Dad stradlling the equator:

Uncle Don & Aunt Lin on the equator:

Relaxing on the yacht Parranda:

Kicker Rock (Leon Dormido):


Albatross in flight:

Blue-footed Booby:

Great Blue Heron about to pounce on prey:

Bottlenosed dolphins:

Classic Galapagos Scene: Pinnacle Rock:

Another yacht ghosting along in the fog:

Female Frigate bird hitching a ride on the Parranda:

Darwin Lake (salt-water) with the Parranda in Tagus Cove, beyond:

Another picture of Mom & Dad (Bartolome Island):

The whole crew on Bartolome:

Galapagos Hawk:

Land Iguana:

Swallow-Tailed Gull:

Lava Lizzard:

Male Frigate Bird trying to get lucky:

Marine Iguanas:

Masked Boobies:


Galapagos Penguins:

Blowhole, Espanola Island:

Rainbow at blowhole:

Red-footed Booby:

Sally Lightfoot Crab:

Sea Lion pup:

Sea Lions:

Galapagos Tortoise:

The bus had to move to the side of the road to avoid this little tortoise:

A perfect vacation comes to an end: