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Trixie-Woo as a younger puppy

Trixie-Woo enjoys a Puppacino

Mr. Will, Tricky-Woo and "the management"

Trickster, the Hipster (2003-2016)

Tricky with Sunglasses

Mr. Will & Tricky-Woo at the mouth of the Eel River

Tricky-Woo and Mr. Will at Lost Man Creek

Mr. Will (1996-2008) in the Heather Garden:

Tricky-Woo in the Heather Garden:

Mr. Will the day after Thanksgiving, 2006:

Tricky-Woo the day after Thanksgiving, 2006:

Mr. Will and his little brother Tricky-Woo on a walk in the woods:
(Arcata Community Forest)

Same dogs, different woods:
(Cal Barrel Road / Redwood National Park)

Mr. Will, himself:

Tricky-Woo gets down & dirty in the Community Forest:

Mr. Will and the Trickster waiting for Dad to come upstairs and dole out the cookies:

Mr. Will and his Dad in formal attire:

The Trickster relaxing in bed with his dad:

Mr. Will & The Trick sharing the sofa:

Mr. Will entertaining the Bayside Garden Club Ladies:

Tricky-Woo usurping Dad's chair:

Mr. Will watching the Westminster Dog Show:

("I coulda been a contender")

Wind-blown Tricky-Woo on the beach:

Mr. Will can easily drink from a sports bottle:

Mr. Will running on the beach:

Tricky-Woo running in the woods:

Annie Dog (1985-1998):

Mr. Will "de-twigging" after a mountain bike ride in the woods:

Tricky-Woo with his Mom:

Mr. Will likes to lap-sit on occasion:

The dreaded Full Court Double-Dog Mooch:

Mr. Will on a mountain bike ride with his dad:

Mr. Will is a Bouvier des Flandres, as was Annie Dog. Tricky-Woo is a Coton de Tulear.